The LMC Hard Shell cracker was developed to condition hard shell almond varieties before shelling. The concept is two counter rotating, corrugated rolls. The gap between the rolls is easily adjustable to the proper opening to condition the almonds before shelling.

The LMC Hard Shell cracker has also found a home in the peanut shelling plant. It is used to remove the peanut meats from pops and raisins that accumulate at the bottom end of the peanut shelling process. It does not break the sticks found in this circuit, but rather flattens these sticks so they can be more easily removed from the circuit. It is self cleaning in this process.

  • Corrugated Rockwell 54 iron hard rolls
  • Optional : Mount for mounting top of shear roll
  • Optional : Mounting for Vibratory Feeder Pan to feed Hard Shell Cracker

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