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For more than 100 years Hamer-Fischbein has designed, manufactured and supported, high quality, innovative bag sealing equipment to a worldwide customer base. Through the Hamer-Fischbein family of brands - Hamer-Hamer, Fischbein and Saxon we provide a full range of bag filling, weighing, handling, and bag closing equipment. Our bagging equipment and system solutions are widely used in the agriculture, animal feed, seed, pet food, chemical, mineral, milling, food, building material, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Our Hamer-Fischbein packaging specialists work closely with our customers to develop the right bag packaging solution to meet your requirements. The Hamer-Fischbein team, in conjunction with our worldwide network of highly qualified, factory trained distributors are committed to delivering the highest levels of product quality, reliability and service - because at the end of the day we understand that your success is dependent on the performance of our products.

  Hand Held Portables
  Sewing Heads
  Sewing Systems
  Bag Sewing Infeeds

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  Paper Bag Sealers
  Plastic Bag Sealers

Hot Air SH 2000 Fischbein PBC6000

Bagging Scales
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Hamer 100GW Center Clam Hamer 600NW Net Weigh Scale

  Automated Systems

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With over 12, 000 Robotic Palletizers installed worldwide, Fuji Robotics is unmatched in "Palletizing" technology. Experience, sharp focus and dedication to the palletizing industry has enabled Fuji Robotics to provide the best possible solution to your palletizing needs

  • Simplified pattern adjustment
  • User friendly touch screen HMI
  • Use one of the pre-loaded product patterns or create your own (without the use of Laptop or PC)
  • Preprogrammed pallet patterns
  • Real time I/O monitoring
  • UL 1740 Approved
  • Error diagnosticsFuji-Robotics-System

(EC-Energy Conscious)
Concerns about the natural state of our planet have never been higher. Consuming less energy than most other Robotic Palletizers, Fuji's EC - Series Robots have less impact on our environment.

- load capacity (including End Effector) - 100kg / 160kg
- palletizing capacity (cycles/hr) - 1300 / 800 CPH
- power (208 / 220V, 3 phase, 50/60Hz) - 2.5 KVA

- load capacity (including End Effector) - 80kg / 130kgEC201 1- palletizing capacity (cycles/hr) - 1500 / 1000 CPH
- power (208 / 220V, 3 phase, 50 / 60Hz) - 4.0 KVA

EC201 / EC201W
- load capacity (including End Effector) - 70kg / 200kg / 320kg
- palletizing capacity (cycles/hr) - 1800 / 1600 / 600 CPH
- power (208 / 220V, 3 phase, 50/60Hz) - 6.5 KVA / 7 KVA





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Packaging Equipment & Systems

Magnum Systems assesses and troubleshoots productivity-killing problems caused by big or tiny changes on your line, from packaging new material to slight updates in product composition. This approach looks at your process as a whole for better-engineered solutions. Magnum Systems engineers, designs and manufactures quality filling, weigh and packaging automation systems for multiple industries.

Equipment offerings include:

Bulk bag filling and unloading equipment

IBC3000-01 IBC2000-02-01

Valve bag filling equipment

APV 06

Bag in box/drum



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