Company History

Company History

It’s not often in today’s world that a company can go back over 70 years to trace its beginnings. Throughout the years, the Carter family has built equipment ranging from peanut shellers for Georgia farmers to bow hooks for the Navy during World War II. At the root of it all remains the consistent mechanical innovations which have helped numerous industries operate smarter and more efficiently.

LMC’s focus on the process application separates it from other manufacturers. This focus drives them to understand the process and design applications with specific purposes. LMC equipment is custom built for the required process whether for a food product or recyclable materials and is adaptable for a variety of commodities.

LMC Canada is proof of that adaptability and has thrived in the small seed market prevalent in Western Canada. Combining other equipment to complement the LMC line has allowed us to serve not only the pulse crop and cereals industries, but oil and grass seeds as well.

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