LMC is committed to delivering peanut processing systems and equipment to help peanut processors achieve maximum capacity and efficiency for their dollar. Originating from the rural peanut farms of South Georgia, LMC has become the world leader in the peanut shellers and equipment for the peanut shelling process. LMC equipment is responsible for shelling 90 percent of the commercial peanut market. Our machines are designed specifically to maximize processing speed along with separation effectiveness.

What makes LMC unique is the staff of peanut specialists that can design, build, deliver, and install an entire peanut processing operation. From cleaning to separating, back to cleaning and shelling, LMC equipment can take you through the entire process customized to your specifications. Also by removing the lower grade peanut prior to shelling your end produce will be of the best quality yielding you the ultimate monetary profit.

Here are some of the types of peanut processing systems that LMC can design and build from the ground-up:

LMC offers the following equipment specifically designed and engineered for peanut processing.

  • Peanut Sheller - Used to shell peanuts with high efficiency, high capacity and minimum split creation
  • Aspirator – Used to separate lights (shells, pops, sticks and stems) from heavies (inshell and meats) based on aerodynamic profile and density
  • Sizing Shaker – Used to separate dry, flowable products, like peanuts, by specific size
  • Destoner – Used for removal of large stones, dirt clods, and glass in the precleaning stages and precision small stone removal in finishing circuits
  • Gravity Separator – Used to separate lights from heavies based on density
  • Easy Dump Elevator – Used to gently elevate products
  • Vibratory Conveyor – Used to gently convey products
  • VistaSort - Used for separating seeds and upgrading color commodities based on color

We cater to processors of peanuts and various other nuts. With this large range of peanut customers, we have made contact points all across the world to include South America, Australia, the Western United States including California, the Middle East and Europe.

LMC recognizes that peanut processing and separation equipment is a long-term investment. We have provided after-sale support and service to our customers for over 70 years. Our teams will stand by your peanut processing equipment for as long as you own it. We invite you to contact us so we can demonstrate what sets LMC above the rest.

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