Key Industries

At LMC, we cater to a variety of industries. From our beginnings in the peanut and tree nut industries, beans, seed and grain, and the recycling industry, we have kept our commitment to our customers. Regardless of the industry, our commitment is to help our customers do their work with the highest level of efficiency and yield the maximum product.

With over 100 LMC Gravity Separators in Western Canada, customers have seen that product quality can be attained without constant attention to machine settings.

Destoning and sizing are critical for beans and pulse crops. The LMC Destoner, Sizing Shaker and Advent Cleaner are making this happen day in and day out.

Oil Seeds are a challenge to clean in any climate, especially if that range includes -30⁰C to +30⁰C. Simplicity must be the number one priority so the cleanout and changeover process is as easy as possible. LMC’s sturdy wide open designs make cleaning oil seeds easier.

Grass Seeds can be extremely small and heavy or large and light. They can flow like water or thatch together and bridge in surge bins. LMC has equipment that gives grass seeds the special attention it needs.

LMC is committed to delivering peanut processing systems and equipment to help peanut processors achieve maximum capacity and efficiency for their dollar.

What makes LMC unique is the staff of tree nut specialists that can design, build, deliver, and install an entire tree nut processing operation.

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