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Over 70 years ago, LMC’s reputation was founded on the belief in strong business relationships and dedication to building World Class Machinery. As you’ll see, LMC is not just a machinery manufacturer – we know how to link different types of machinery to maximize our customers’ performance. You can rely on us as the strong process resource you need in today’s competitive environment.

We utilize the following separation equipment in processing systems:

  • Aspirator - Used to separate lights from heavies based on aerodynamic profile
  • Advent Cleaner - Used to remove large and small foreign material or undesirables with air and sift/scalp screening
  • Destoner - Used for removal of stones, dirt clods, and heavy foreign material
  • Gravity Separator - Used to separate lights from heavies based on density
  • Bean Polisher - Used to remove fine dusty film
  • Sizing Shaker - Used for scalping, sifting, and sizing operations
  • Vibratory Conveyor - Used to gently convey products
  • Easy Dump Elevator - Used to gently elevate products
  • Peanut Sheller - Used to shell peanuts with high efficiency, high capacity and minimum split creation
  • Prehuller - Used to remove loose hull in the precleaning stages to increase capacity and storage space in following stages
  • Hard Shell Cracker - Used to create hairline fractures in hard shells for easier meat removal
  • Shear Roll - Used to separate hulls and shells from meats with a shearing force


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