Beans & Pulse Crops


You know beans and we know the equipment that helps you do your job with maximum productivity and efficiency in mind. LMC has the ability to provide chief insight on how to maximize product purity along with handling your product with the utmost care.

We know the most important thing to you is to receive the highest return on your product with top quality. LMC prides itself in giving back the most product with the smallest amount of shrinkage.

We incorporate much of our separation equipment into bean processing systems: 

  • Aspirator - Used to separate lights from heavies based on aerodynamic profile
  • Advent Cleaner - Used to remove large and small foreign material or undesirables with air and sift/scalp screening
  • Air Screen Cleaner - Used to separate seeds with air to remove light materials, and screens to remove wider or narrower seeds
  • Indent Separator - Used to separate seed based on length.  Also known as a length grader
  • Destoner - Used for removal of stones, dirt clods, and heavy foreign material
  • Gravity Separator - Used to separate lights from heavies based on density
  • Bean Polisher - Used to remove fine dusty film 
  • Sizing Shaker - Used for scalping, sifting, and sizing operations
  • Vibratory Conveyor - Used to gently convey products
  • Easy Dump Elevator - Used to gently elevate products
  • VistaSort - Used for separating seeds and upgrading color commodities based on color

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